Welcome To Diversified Education Services

Diversified Education Services (DES) was established in 2014 to provide alternatives to incarceration for pre and post sentenced low risk offenders.
As a result of increasing rates of recidivism, jail overcrowding, and the increasing costs for incarceration, the Directors of Diversified Education Services focused on the development of educational programs with rehabilitation as its goal.
Diversified Education Services offers classes via this website and in a classroom setting at Santa Ana College. For more information, please contact us via this link.
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On-line or In Person

Diversified Education Classes are available both online via this website and in person through our affiliation with strategic partner, Santa Ana College.

Community Resources

At DES we care about the well-being of our clients.  Therefore we provide to each student a list of Community Resources.
Follow this link for a copy of this list.

OCDA Approved

The Orange County District Attorney’s office makes direct “Deferred Entry of Judgment” referrals to Diversified Educations Services through Santa Ana College. The classes entail Drug and Alcohol Education programs.
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Strategic Partner

Santa Ana College and Diversified Education Service’s programs have been approved since 2007 by the Orange County Superior Court as the provider of Drug and Alcohol Awareness classes. These classes also include Victim Impact Awareness.
As a convenience to our out-town-referrals. The Drug and Alcohol Awareness class is now part of Diversified Education Services on-line suite of classes.
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Court Approved

Santa Ana College and Diversified Education Service’s programs have been approved for 8 years by the Superior Court of Orange County as the provider of Drug and Alcohol Awareness classes .
These classes also include Victim Impact Awareness. As a convenience to our out-town-referrals. The D&A class in now part of Diversified Education Services on-line suite of classes.


All Diversified Education Services Faculty are well know leaders in the Criminal Justice and the Alternative Sentencing Community. Between them, the faculty has over 50 years combined experience in the field.  DES founder and Director, Patricia Verwiel, was a pioneer in Electronic Monitoring and Drug & Alcohol Testing in Orange County.


North Orange County Bar Association
West County Bar Association
Harbor Bar Association
Crime Survivors, Inc
Victim Witness Program
American Association of Probation & Parole
California Teachers Association
Second Harvest

Court Mandated Prop. 64 4 hr. Marijuana Class

The Proposition 64:  4 Hour Marijuana Class provides information and education regarding Marijuana for minors convicted of a variety of Marijuana related classes.
After completing this class, the participant will have a better understanding of Marijuana and the negative part it can play in their lives.
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Answer: You will receive your certificate upon completion of course.

Answer: You will bring your certificate to the court.

Answer: You are guaranteed to pass because the questions are more like self-assessment questions..

Answer:  Yes, you can take breaks logging out and logging back in.

Answer: You will have access to your class through your login you create.

Answer: Yes, however it may cost a $10 administrative fee if needed.

Answer: Please notify use at right away so we can switch you to your correct class.

Answer: Yes! The classes are valuable to everyone, many defense attorneys and/or counselors use these courses to help their clients. It is your responsibility to confirm what class needs to be completed.

Answer: Yes! These courses are available to anyone in the US. It is up to the student to confirm the class with your agency/attorney/counselor.

Answer: Yes! You can use PayPal. If you do not have PayPal we accept checks. You will need to email us directly to make arrangements for the class.

Answer: Yes! You can contact us at the number listed on our Contact Us page as well as email us


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